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. . . the definitive resource for people who want to take control of their credit cards.

One: Know The System

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Find out how the system works before you call your credit card company.

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  • save money
  • reduce debt
  • avoid hassles
  • get credit
  • feel secure

The Insider

You can save thousands when an insider sits down with you over a cup of coffee and spills the beans.

And that's just what our expert does in Money-Saving Credit Card Secrets.

Thanks to this respected credit card industry insider, the curtain is pulled back.

A treasure trove of insider facts on how to reduce debt, avoid hassles and protect your account security is now yours for the taking.

Discover how to get fees waived, how to do a balance transfer so you don't get trapped, and how to talk with your credit card company so you are in the driver's seat.

To quote one fan, "Don't call your credit card company before reading this."

Two: Create A Plan

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Do you want to reduce your debt? Are you thinking about debt consolidation? Think again.

Even the feds say you'll most likely wind up paying more in the long run.

Want proof? Just Google "debt negotiation business."

You'll get affiliate sites that advertise on behalf of debt consolidation lenders.

"Help them become debt free and earn thousands of dollars per client" is what the ads say.

Yet that's thousands from you they're talking about.

Don't fall for it. The best way out of debt is to reduce your high finance charges so you pay that debt down faster.

Account combinations and balance transfers are two great tools, yet there are others. Our industry insider will answer your questions so you can begin to save on interest and avoid credit card hassles now.

Not certain where to start? START HERE with the helpful tips posted on our blog. And read the beginning chapters of our book.

The most useful financial literacy starts here.

Three: Use One Card

A credit card is a wonderful convenience. Anyone who thinks he can turn the clock back to a cash-only system is kidding himself.

Yet, because we've been blanketed with credit card offers, it's been too easy to max out one card and then move on to another.

This has resulted in banks and credit card companies making BILLIONS in late and over limit fees.

However the answer is not to get rid of credit cards.

The answer is to learn strategies that work to pay down debt, use one card and pay it off every month.

We recommend using a secured card if it's been difficult to self-regulate.

PLUS have a regular, low-interest, no annual fee card stashed away "just in case" for real emergencies that may require more funds than you've pre-paid.

That's the smart and lasting way to financial security. Millions have done it. You can too.

As Featured On EzineArticles